​I absolutely love the school. I am always looking forward to my next class and I am ready to come here as often as possible.  I am grateful to all my teachers and everyone who helps me learn and understand, when that is what I need, for being patient and nonjudgmental, and not to mention, very knowledgeable. I love the friendly atmosphere here and feel at home.

Irina Kopylev

I’ve been practicing Tai Chi for many years under Sifu Bao Sen Liang’s wise guidance. I’ve learnt (and keep learning) that beyond the mechanical form, his teachings help me relate better with my body, with my mind and with my surroundings. I find this powerful and extremely helpful for my physical health my psychological wellbeing and my effectiveness at work.

Victor Feder Psychiatrist

I used to see a chiropractor every week for my back pain. I was told that 17 of my vertebrae were misaligned. But after practicing tai chi for 2 years, I did not need to see my chiropractor anymore. 10 years practicing tai chi now and still no need to see a chiropractor.

Bill Fok