Our Teaching System

Our Teaching System

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The “Theory of Systematic Approach to Tai Chi” and the “Systematic Training Methods of Tai Chi” were developed by the late Tai Chi Grand Master Ji Hong Luo, who dedicated more than 30 years to formulate the foundation of a modern, systematic and scientific teaching method for Tai Chi.   Based on his work, his son and daughter-in-law,  Master Luo and Master Gu, continued to evolve and refine the system, and created the “Ji Hong Tai Chi System”, which is used in Tai Chi training at our college.

Ji Hong Tai Chi System

In the “Ji Hong Tai Chi System”, complex Tai Chi theory and principles are taught in a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand manner.  Thus students are able to apply these principles in their tai chi training, through different styles of Tai Chi and Weapons forms, as well as Push Hands practices.

Basic Tai Chi Principles

The following are some of the basic tai chi principles being taught:

  1. Yin and Yang:  such as open and close, empty and solid, fast and slow.
  2. The preparation state:  relax and sink, connect and acquire one’s central equilibrium
  3. Dantian:  as the central operative force of internal energy
  4. The mechanism of internal energy:  internal strength ( pressure ) vs external ( muscular )  power;  ways to generate and transmit internal energy
  5. A unified elastic body:  develop correct body posture, strength and flexibility; coordination of eyes, body, arms and legs; and mind control.
  6. The stages of Tai Chi practice:  get rid of the stiffness to become relaxed, from relaxed to strength, coexistence of relaxed and strength.


Our school offers the following courses, from beginner to advanced levels:

  • Yang Style Tai chi
  • Chen Style Tai chi
  • Wu Style Tai Chi
  • Sun Style Tai Chi
  • Hao Style Tai Chi
  • Tai Chi Sword
  • Tai Chi Sabre
  • Tai Chi Spear
  • Tai Chi Long Pole
  • Tai Chi Fan
  • Push Hands
  • Qi Gong Health
  • Conditioning