Tai Chi Weapons

Tai Chi Weapons

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Tai Chi Sword

The sword is the ultimate test of balance with high one legged poses, low stances and coordination of the sword hand with an open chest posture to leverage the opposing movement from the other hand.  The use of the sword requires a subtle dexterity to the handling and wielding of power which requires time to master.

Tai Chi Sabre (Broadsword)

The sabre leverages a lot of physics.  To use the tip in a thrust, it requires a recoil and lunge of the body.  To use the one sharp edge, a lot of power must be amassed.  To do this, using a circular and spin move that leverages centrifugal force is the key to extending the power of our body without prematurely exhausting our muscle power.

Tai Chi Spear

The spear requires many small and large sweeping and circular motions.  It demands agility as well as strength when wielding the spear.  We train to work with the weight and energy of the spear extending beyond the boundaries of our body.  We practice a combination of small and large circular motions and thrust motions that require a dexterity and focus to be able to fully extend the arms and spear with steady accuracy.

Tai Chi Long Pole

Holding a pole in an extended position requires a complete body connection of the arms through the core and to the legs which must be firmly planted to the ground.  Pure strength alone won’t be enough for the practitioner to perform the exercises.