Henry Wan

Henry Wan


Henry began his martial arts journey in his teenage years with formal Taekwondo training in Hong Kong and Canada. An injury during an intensive black belt training disrupted his martial arts journey, yet his passion for martial arts never diminished.

​He started Tai Chi in 2006, and was attracted to the unique characteristics of this martial art. Under the guidance of Sifu Bao Sen Liang at Ji Hong Tai Chi College, Henry learned various styles of Tai Chi and its characteristics, from beginner classes to in-depth lessons, from learning moves and refining them; understanding internal and external energy; tension versus relaxation; the relationship between mental tension and physical state; internal control to self control and opponent control; with the help of Sifu Liang, Henry was able to breakthrough the physical and mental barriers and stereotype from the past. Sifu Liang has been guiding him to another dimension of martial arts.

​The successful results achieved by him and other students in local and international competitions has proven the effectiveness of the Ji Hong Tai chi system and teaching methodology.

​Henry holds a Chinese Wushu 4th duan in Chen style Tai Chi issued by the Chinese Wushu Association and is a Ji Hong Tai Chi qualified instructor.

As an instructor, Henry is aware of various obstacles that students face at various levels. He is able to identify the causes, provide appropriate advice and direction for overcoming these obstacles as well as promote continuous growth and improvement. Classes are held in a friendly and open-minded atmosphere, to ensure that each student fully benefits from each class.